Friday, November 18, 2011

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Twilight Fatigue, Conspiracy Theories, and The Last Boyscout

* It will be a better day when these Twilight movies are over.

* I wonder if Taylor Lautner has another career lined up once the last Twilight movie comes and goes. Cleary he doesn’t have a future in acting. Remember Abduction? Yeah, me neither.

* Enough hostility. Tarsem Singh has suddenly become a busy director. When did he turn into such a good filmmaker? I am all for The Cell, but Immortals? No thanks.

* Guess I wasn’t done hating.

* It seems the Natalie Wood case has been reopened. She was found floating dead in the water back in 1981, off a yacht occupied by her husband Robert Wagner and… Christopher Walken? This is a fascinating case, and apparently a new tip has piqued investigator interest. I love a good mystery.

* Speaking of mysteries, I recently finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I haven’t seen the Swedish versions of the trilogy, but I feel like David Fincher’s version will improve the novel.

* I think it’s about time to watch Oliver Stone’s JFK again. Tuesday will be 48 years.

* I have this bad feeling that Ridley Scott may have directed his last good movie in 2007 with American Gangster. Everything since then has been pretty poor. I don’t have a good feeling about Prometheus, and I hope I am wrong because Michael Fassbender is involved.

* I never realized the similarities between Charlton Heston’s Two-Minute Warning and the climax of The Last Boyscout. I guess because I had never seen Two-Minute Warning until today.

* The Last Boyscout = Underrated.