Friday, December 30, 2011

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Gearing Up for an Exciting Oscar Season

* I get so tired of seeing top ten lists this time of year. They’re everywhere I look. Lists are tough things anyway, and part of me doesn’t see the point.

* The other part of me will have a top ten list out this Tuesday.

* George Clooney is good in The Descendents, and the frontrunner right now, but the film doesn’t work for me. I will be disappointed if he wins the Oscar. I am looking for new blood this year, perhaps in the form of Michael Fassbender.

* I salute Steve McQueen for sticking with the true vision of his film, Shame, despite the NC-17 rating. He didn’t edit a thing to appease the ridiculous MPAA. But I do think the rating and limited release will hurt the film’s Oscar chances. I can’t imagine McQueen and Co. care about that either.

* War Horse will be this year’s Gangs of New York and True Grit, a film that picks up 6 to 10 Oscar nominations and wins none. And deservedly so, because those other two films I mentioned are light years better than Spielberg’s mess.

* I had Leonardo Dicaprio and Meryl Streep slated as surefire Oscar winners this year for their dueling political biopics, J. Edgar and The Iron Lady. But neither film delivered the goods. The trajectory of these two pictures seems almost identical.

* I had higher hopes for David Cronenberg and A Dangerous Method for Oscar season. But any nomination would be a surprise at this point.

* The Tree of Life is the biggest critical darling this year, but I wonder how it will fare with nominations. Brad Pitt really should be considered for his role here, but instead his best shot is Moneyball. It reminds me of Kate Winslet getting a nomination for The Reader when what she really deserved was a win for Revolutionary Road.

* A silent film really does have a shot at winning Best Picture (The Artist). It’s been 85 years since that happened. Think about that.

* I would just like to say that last year, in my morning after article regarding last year’s Oscars, I said the following:

“As much as I feel the Academy Awards need to be progressive as far as choosing winners, the telecast must stop trying to trick up the hosting duties. Especially if they are going to get a spaced-out, disinterested James Franco and an energetic Anne Hathaway trying to compensate for Franco’s lazy, stiff delivery of absolutely everything. He didn’t seem drunk or high so much as he seemed sedated. And when Billy Crystal came out on stage, he went into his safe, yet effective and funny routine that he was known for so many years at the Oscars. It was like a breath of fresh air. Bring Billy Crystal back, Academy. You know you should. Of course, that means you probably won’t.”

I would officially like to take credit for bringing back Billy Crystal. Thank you and goodnight.