Friday, December 9, 2011

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Musical Resistance, Oscar Thoughts, and The Dark Knight Rises Goes Viral.

* I think my brain has some sort of chemical that creates a resistance to musicals. I fully understand the purpose of song and dance in a cartoon, like the Disney films, and I embrace that. Even Mary Poppins makes sense to me. But West Side Story? The Sound of Music? These are adult, linear narratives that are shot wonderfully and interrupted by singing and dancing. I recognize the greatness of something like West Side Story, but last night I found myself changing the channel in favor of The Last Boyscout.

* Because The Last Boyscout is better. You know it is.

* I still don’t see a Best Picture frontrunner out there. At least not in this Holiday season. If anything, the Best Picture for me came out in the spring. It’s Midnight In Paris.

* I think even if The Iron Lady isn’t a very good film, Meryl Streep will still rob someone more deserving of a Best Actress nomination. Same goes for Leo and J. Edgar. I guess it isn’t fair to say they don’t deserve it regardless of the movie’s overall quality. But I did.

* I see backlash on The Dark Knight from time to time. This is unwarranted nonsense in my opinion.

* And the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises has kicked off and is in full force with set photos and all sorts of references packaged as different things. This is vague, but that’s how viral marketing works I guess. Either way, it is a little excessive and it may water down the final product.

* For example, do we need a 6 minute prologue to The Dark Knight Rises coming out now? I don’t think so.

* Of course, there is an easy way to get around all this viral marketing and go into the film as fresh as possible. Don’t pay attention to it.