Friday, January 13, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Golden Globe Thoughts, January Releases, and Director Style Concerns

* The Golden Globes are the most fun of all the ceremonies. But the award doesn’t really mean much. It’s very odd, because it isn’t necessarily a clue to the Academy Award nominations or a prestigious award on its own. But still, they do it right. It’s light and loose and Ricky Gervais should be great again.

* I think the Golden Globes need to update their statue. It’s very drab and cumbersome and old fashioned.

* Just the thought of Contraband makes me drowsy. To be in such good shape, Mark Wahlberg really is lazy sometimes.

* Thinking about Joyful Noise completes the task… Right into a movie coma for me.

* Laziness in Hollywood is hitting a new high these days. Now, instead of remaking or rebooting, studios have decided on regurgitating their classics. Beauty and the Beast is back, but look it’s in 3D… This will be the most unnecessary thing until April when Titanic returns in 3D.

* The “community” (which I will now use to encompass movie-related twitter folks, websites, and the like) is abuzz with the new Wes Anderson trailer, Moonrise Kingdom. It looks wonderful, but that doesn’t always make it so with Anderson.

* It’s hard sometimes for directors to keep originality afloat in their films when they have a very specific style and technique and aesthetic directive. Every quirk and signature grows stale. The most obvious case of this is Tim Burton, whose career has been on a continuous loop of Goth remakes now for a decade. This fate could be in front of Wes Anderson, I fear. Directors need a signature style, but they have to diversify within their comfort zone to keep things fresh.

* Look at Scorsese for instance; deliberate style, uniqueness in his films.