Friday, January 20, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: John Singleton, Movie Character Names, and New Releases

* I just realized, John Singleton directed the Taylor Lautner disaster Abduction. John Singleton?!? This guy directed Boyz in Tha Hood

* I guess John Singleton “the director of Higher Learning” makes sense compared to Abduction. Higher Learning is a terrible, heavy-handed, obvious, cliché-laden movie.

* I think Denzel Washington gets bored and agrees to do generic action films like Safe House in his spare time. Either that or he has a beach house he’s looking to pay off.

* Denzel’s name in Safe House is Tobin Frost? Really? That’s worse than Cameron Poe. Nobody in the universe is legitimately named Tobin Frost.

* Nicolas Cage, aside from having the most insane list of roles in his life, has had the most unrealistic character names. Look at this list: Memphis Raines, Cameron Poe, Balthazar Blake, Yuri Orlov, Castor Troy, Dr. Stanley Goodspeed, Sailor Ripley, H.I. McDunnough… It is an astounding list of quirky names.

* A lot of people think Johnny Utah, Keanu Reeves’ character from Point Break, is a bad character name. I happen to think it is one of the best, right up there with Han Solo and Vito Corleone.

* Red Tails will be the biggest disaster of the year. It kills me when period films use modern music in their trailers, like Red Tails and their use of Dubstep or somebody in the TV spots. Terrible.

* Man on a Ledge? More like… Meh on a Ledge. Sam Worthington has proven to me to have very little as a box-office draw. Or talent.

* If you want a successful January action film, either hire Liam Neeson (The Grey) or get a great director like Steven Soderbergh to direct it (Haywire).