Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking back at the GOLDEN GLOBES

* After last night, it looks like the two frontrunners to win Best Picture this year will be The Artist and The Descendants. I am not a fan of this. I did put The Artist in my top ten, but down at sixth right where I think it belongs. There are a handful of films quite a bit better than The Artist.

* The Artist is a film that will not stand the test of time I fear. Much like Chicago or A Beautiful Mind, its quality doesn’t seem to have staying power. I sit here and say all this but I assure you, I think it deserves nominations. It is good. Great? Not quite.

* Jean Dujardin accepting his award kind of ruins the surprise of The Artist, doesn’t it?

* On to The Descendants. I can see the love for The Artist, but for the life of me I see nothing in The Descendants worth so much acclaim. It’s a nice movie, but frivolous and forgettable. I just do not see what is so great about it.

* There is no universe where George Clooney gives a better performance than Michael Fassbender in Shame. Completely incorrect.

* Clooney is still the best movie star out there though. Walking out with the cane to poke fun at Brad Pitt was great.

* Ricky Gervais was pretty solid. I thought he kept things under control last night but was still just the right amount of offensive.

* Christopher Plummer – “to my wife, whose beauty and bravery haunts me still.” What an awesome line. I hope either Plummer wins the Oscar, or it’s Albert Brooks for Drive. Right now, Plummer looks like the leader in the clubhouse.

* Seth Rogen, regarding Kate Beckinsale, his walk-out partner – “I am trying to hide a massive erection.” Line of the night.

* Nice seeing Jeremy Irons out there last night. It’s been a long time.

* Nice try at making a joke Gerard Butler, but nobody really cares about you.

* I am sorry, I love Kate Winslet – and Guy Pearce for that matter – but Mildred Pierce is unbearably dull.

* I never really have an opinion about the TV winners. I feel like they care even less than the film crowd about these wins. They want Emmys.

* The Lifetime Achievement Award to Morgan Freeman was a fantastic moment in the broadcast. Freeman is so prolific, it’s easy to sometimes forget how brilliant he usually is in his roles.

* Congrats Martin Scorsese. Everything you win, you deserve.