Friday, February 3, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Kubrick musings, Buried in a trunk, and Back to the Future

* Marin Scorsese has had a misfire once or twice. Spielberg has missteps like Always or the fourth Indiana Jones movie. You don’t have to look far to see mistakes in Francis Ford Coppola’s career. But what about Stanley Kubrick? What is his bad movie?

* Don’t tell me Eyes Wide Shut. Go see it again.

* Some critics didn’t care for Full Metal Jacket. I would tell them the same thing… Go see it again.

* Kirk Douglas and Stanley Kubrick are forever linked in the early stages of Kubrick’s success. Who could have imagined the older Douglas would outlive Kubrick?

* From the director of Buried comes Brake, a thriller about a man stuck in a coffin. Wait, he’s stuck in a trunk this time, not a coffin because that would be exactly like Buried. No no, this is something totally different.

* After all, Ryan Reynolds isn’t in Brake too. It’s Stephen Dorf. That should be much better. But it probably won’t be.

* We are three years away from hover boards and Jaws 19.

* The question has been asked, Would you see Back to the Future on Broadway? And the correct answer to this is, yes.

* Back to the Future Part III really does stick out like a sore thumb when held up to the other two.