Friday, February 17, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Nicolas Cage Quick Hits, Good Actors in Bad Movies

* For some strange reason I am compelled to see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. And I couldn’t even make it through the first one.

* I don’t know how you can hate Nicolas Cage, regardless of his terrible movies. Even in his terrible movies, Cage is undeniably magnetic. He has to be the strangest human being ever.

* It’s hard to process the fact that the man responsible for one of the best, most complete performances of the 90s (Leaving Las Vegas) has been in Bangkok Dangerous, Season of the Witch, Drive Angry, Next, and a whole series of complete shit.

* No matter how terrible his movies are, Nicolas Cage is still one film away from another Oscar statue. That’s how good he really is.

* I still contend that Knowing is a great science fiction movie.

* The last movie I had to turn off because it was so bad: Killer Elite. Last night. What a confusing mess. I had so much more hope for Clive Owen’s mustache. Everybody involved with this movie is better than this movie, even Jason Statham.

* Forrest Whitaker should do more movies. The guy won an Oscar and kind of disappeared.

* Shouldn’t Chris Pine be doing better films than This Means War? Shouldn’t Tom Hardy be doing the same thing? Hell, what is Reese Witherspoon’s deal?