Friday, March 16, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Burton's Dark Shadows, College B-Ball Movies, The Graduate, Robocop

* As discouraged as I've been recently by Tim Burton's recent career moves, floundering through remakes and unoriginal material, I must say Dark Shadows looks fun.  The trailer is very promising.

* While the original Dark Shadows series was considered a soap opera of sorts, it would have been a huge mistake to play the film version seriously.

* There aren't many college basketball movies around.  I'd have to say the best is... Blue Chips maybe?  And that is only because of Nick Nolte's great performance channeling Bobby Knight.

* Nevermind, Blue Chips isn't good.  I don't know if there is a good college basketball movie.

* He Got Game is not a good film despite what you might think.  That being said, Ray Allen's character Jesus Shuttlesworth is one of the best names in cinematic history. 

* So The Graduate is getting a 45th Anniversary re-release.  Really?  Forty-five years huh?  We couldn't wait five more years to get a nice round number?  I've never heard of something so stupid as a 45th anniversary re-release.

* We should do a 32nd anniversary re-release of Raging Bull while we're at it.

* The Graduate is still a great film, but it feels more like an extended Simon and Garfunkel music video this far away from 1967.

* Robocop is being remade.  I don't think this is really the worst idea.  Now, had there never been two sequels, direct-to-video movies, and terrible TV shows over the years to soil the legacy of Verhoven's original film, I might sing a different tune.  But Robocop is not some sacred cow after being diluted so severely since 1987.  Hell, as long as the remake doesn't have flying Robocop from part 3 I will probably be just fine with it.