Friday, March 23, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: Cronenberg and Parttinson, Prometheus, Texting in the Theater

* First things first, the teaser trailer for David Cronenberg's next film Cosmopolis is out.  It is everything fans of the director love; sex, depravity, monsters, mind-bending visuals... Seek it out immediately.  After you read this of course.

* Robert Pattinson as Cronenberg's protagonist might be the very boost he needs to shake off Edward Cullen.  I contend that Pattinson will have the most lucrative career of any of the three Twilight stars.  Yes, even Kristen Stewart.

* Cronenberg missed the mark with his historical drama A Dangerous Method.  This, I am confident, will miss no mark it is intended to hit.

* I am worried about Prometheus.  If for no other reason the overwhelming buzz is so loud and so crazy that Batman isn't on a fanboy radar anywhere.  Lofty expectations.

* Also, Prometheus is said to be a prequel to the Alien franchise, perhaps the original Alien picture as it is directed by Ridley Scott.  And since it's being released in summer, I feel like the studio is hoping for young males to fill the seats.  But how many 18-24 year old everyday males are familiar with the Alien franchise at all?  Of course I'm not talking about fanboys and movie buffs, but run of the mill moviegoers who typically go in the summer.  Maybe they are, maybe I shouldn't be too concerned.

* I know Alien vs. Predator crapped out two garbage movies, but in the original franchise, Alien: Resurrection came out some fifteen years ago, when the target audience for Prometheus was 3-9 years old.

* Speaking of idiot youth, teens are trying to get texting allowed in theaters.  Now, my blood pressure tends to spike when someone has a loud bag of candy.  If texting is allowed my brain might explode in a fit of anger.  THIS, is the beginning of the end of humanity.