Friday, April 13, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: All About Friday the 13th

* For some reason the Friday the 13th movies were never really off limits for me as a kid.  I suppose my mom knew how ridiculous they were.

* Part VI (Jason Lives!) was always my favorite as a kid.  Or maybe it was on TV more often than the others.  I mean, Jason is struck by lightning! 

* I still don't think I have ever sat through the entire first film.  It is such a bore to me, because it never takes off from the serious track.  The best charm of these films is their self awareness.  The first one doesn't have that advantage.

* Go back and watch Part III and get a kick out of all the sight gags in play to enhance the 3D release of the film.  Watch out for that harpoon!

* Maybe VI was my favorite as a kid, but I think we can all agree that IV (The Final Chapter, HA!) is the best, with Corey Feldman taking on Jason.  It's the leanest, meanest of the pictures with a perfect balance of horror and humor.  And it has a real dark side with Feldman's turn in the end.

* I remember being so excited about Part VIII (Jason Takes Manhattan).  The poster looked so cool, the idea of Jason getting away from Camp Crystal Lake was fresh.  Alas, it is one of the worst, most boring of the franchise.

* I think I abandoned the franchise after Jason Goes to Hell.  This attempt to spiritualize Jason failed on every level.

* I might need to check out Jason X.  I mean, he's in SPACE!  Awesome.

* The remake is garbage.