Friday, April 20, 2012

FRIDAY SCATTER-SHOOTING: April Doldrums, The Avengers, and Superhero Soundtracks

* This April has to be one of the worst April's in recent memory for film releases.  This side of The Cabin in the Woods, this month has been extremely thin.

* The big release this week, The Lucky One, should swing the pendulum from fanboys to the date night crowd... for those poor men un-lucky enough.

* Case in point:  Last week's number one film was still from March (The Hunger Games).  Now I know it's a big film, but it feels like in any other year another big film would come along in April to knock it off it's perch.

* At least we don't have to wait long once the calendar changes over.  May 4 is The Avengers.

* I wasn't excited about The Avengers at first, but I think marketing is doing a good job of pushing the appearance of Hulk.  I think we have finally reached a technological point in cinema where the character works well and looks right.

* Mark Ruffalo will be fine as Banner too.  No need to miss Norton. 

* Superhero movie soundtracks have declined since the original Batman soundtrack featuring Prince.  This new song from The Avengers by Soundgarden is atrocious.

* Remember the Knickelback song from Spider-Man?  Well, you shouldn't.