Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Scatter: Raging Bull II, other nonsense, and some non-nonsense too...

* Look, you and I both know this Raging Bull sequel with William Forsythe is a joke.  Not a joke in the sense that it isn't happening, it most certainly is.  But it's straight to DVD.  Just pretend it isn't happening.  I doubt there will be a bluray box set with the original anytime soon.  No need to get fired up over a direct to DVD sequel.

* I was just thinking to myself that there hasn't been very many black and white movies out lately, and I was wondering why.  Then it hit me that the Best Picture winner this year was black and white.  It's amazing to me how quickly The Artist slipped out of everyone's mind.

* The Amazing Spider-Man may very well be amazing.  But I still don't see the point.

* Casey Affleck is slated to direct a biopic on Texas Ranger's outfielder Josh Hamilton.  For anyone who doesn't know Hamilton's story, think Christian Bale in The Fighter times three and with the talent of Mickey Mantle.

* Wanna know why Clint Eastwood stays so busy working on so many movies all the time at his age?  Watch five minutes of Mrs. Eastwood & Company and you'll find your answer.

* The Savages may be the best and the worst film ever.  Simultaneously.

* Anybody hear from Adrian Lyne?  Did he die?