Saturday, July 28, 2012

SATURDAY SCATTER SHOOTING: Looking at August, Fall, and Beyond

* I was apprehensive about continuing the Bourne series beyond Matt Damon's character.  But it seems to me they may have it figured out with The Bourne Legacy, that they may have a way to intertwine this thing and get maybe two more films out of Renner.

* I think Total Recall can only be very good or very bad.  Not sure which one it will be.

* The Master release has been moved up from October to September 14.  September seems crowded right now, more so than it has been in the past.

* So Battle Royale is becoming a TV series.  HBO you ask? AMC maybe?  Try the CW.  This is failed.

* I am sure there are a number of reasons why The Gangster Squad was bumped from September and moved to the Badlands of January.  First and foremost, the shootout scene in the movie theater is probably a little too uncomfortable for now.

* Also, to be honest, the film looks like garbage to me.  I saw Mobsters twenty years ago and I'd rather not see an updated version.  Regardless of the cast.

* The Cloud Atlas six-minute trailer is intriguing to say the least.  Seeing Tom Hanks as an Asian man, among many other roles apparently, is jarring.  And somehow director Tom Twyker has managed to keep the mystery of the film in tact for those of us with no background in the story.

* This recent wave of Paul Verhoven remakes (Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers) makes me wonder if studio execs see the satire in his work.  The new Robocop could be the coolest looking film around, but I doubt it will have the sense of humor.  I don't see how it can.

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