Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Master - There are two predominant posters for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, each sending their own message.  The first one on the left is a kaleidoscopic shot of the three leads, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Perhaps showing the hypnotizing pull of Hoffman's preacher character, this first poster is meant to entice mystery and spirituality.  I don't quite like it as much as the one on the right, a indirect shot of the desperation of the Phoenix character, and a much more creative poster.  It is some daring artwork for a poster like this, even if it shouldn't fade quite as much near the bottom.  I enjoy the split through the center of the title, indicating maybe Phoenix's character being saved from figuratively drowning along the way.  Regardless of the motive behind the poster, it stands out next to the first one.


Looper - This is another poster I'm pretty lukewarm about, though it captures the central theme of the film.  The orientation of Levitt and Willis (and there are four variations on this poster, with the characters flipped and each one with their own) taps directly into the science of the film, and the title is the focus.  But there is a great deal of negative space and the characters themselves seem frozen when they should be in motion to energize the center.  I'm not saying the poster needs to be filled to the brim with visuals, but a white canvas drowns out the entire thing. 


Killing Them Softly - Another pair of posters for another one of my most anticipated Fall film releases.  Killing Them Softly looks sleek, sinister, edgy and smart all the way around.  And these posters play right into my expectations.  The first poster is a minimalist approach, hinting at certain themes in the film, perhaps revolvers and American flags.  Intriguing to say the least.  But the second poster is a genuine work of pop art.  The title, bold and simple, is a direct homage to the posters of the 70s.  And the shot of Brad Pitt on the lower corner ties together the entire Sidney Lumet tone of the film.  A brilliant and spot on poster.


Cloud Atlas - This latest poster from the Wachowski's upcoming book adaptation could have been better.  The film looks fascinating, though I know little about the story.  Nevertheless, the feature here in this tired style of bunched up characters doing different things is the tattooed face of Tom Hanks.  The top of the poster is interesting and well done, but then the cavalcade of characters start to crowd the canvas and the artwork up top loses its appeal and feels generic.  I have higher hopes for the film than this ad.