Monday, September 17, 2012

Must See Trailer for the Unburied Treasure, Wake in Fright (1971)

For anyone a fan of an edgy thriller, of those violent films which expose the darkest sides of humanity, I implore you to check out this trailer for Wake in Fright, a film by director Ted Kotcheff (First Blood) from 1971.  Now, over forty years later, the wonderful Alamo Drafthouse is releasing the restored version of the film in October.  Described as the Deliverance of the Australian Outback, Kotcheff's thriller was stuck in limbo all this time, seen only by a handful of people.  Martin Scorsese, as it is noted in this trailer, seemed impressed with his viewing. 

I can't wait to see Wake in Fright, because it looks like some of the best films of today only with that distant and unsettling vibe of the experimental filmmaking techniques born in the 70s.  And it looks like one hell of a ride: