Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time for October Horror Film Previews!

Every year, once October (or, Rocktober) rolls around, Hollywood sets out to scare the masses with a whole slate of horror films.  You cannot tell me that once the calendar changes this time of year, you don't have that urge to pop in a fright flick or ten.  Hollywood knows this, so it only makes sense to overload the month with some spooky stories. 

Last week I shared the trailer for the upcoming killer thriller Sinister, what I expect to be the best of the bunch.  But don't be fooled here, studios have plenty of scares in store.  Here are the horror flicks to look forward to in this glorious month...


No matter how tired you may be of this franchise, I may rebut with this: would you rather have a Saw film every Halloween?  My answer is no.  The Paranormal Activity series is one of the better recent horror franchises in recent memory, and is rife with spooks and thrills and startling moments no matter how thin the central story may be stretched at this point.  This fourth entry in the franchise may be a tipping point, as it doesn't seem as well structured as the previous entries.  But perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised...


Next up is Smiley, a slasher film which seems to have a very thin strip of originality.  Everything is here for formula, from high school to teenagers to suburbia to sexual innuendos.  Only the killer this time has a gruesome mask shaped like a gory, stitched up smiley face.  I don't know if that is enough to separate the film from the droves of slasher pics out there.  Maybe it's scary, maybe it's stupid, but I imagine it will be at least a little fun...


I don't think this film will be released in time for Halloween, but the release of this trailer seems to be quite timely.  Almost Human looks like the most harrowing and unsettling entry in this list, a bloody disgusting and grand good time involving an alien invasion.  Imagine the film Fire in The Sky if D.B. Sweeney's character landed back on Earth as a psychopath.  Then, you have Almost Human.


Finally, time for something old but arguably one of the finest horror films ever made, now being re-released in the UK in time for Halloween.  Every horror fan worth his or her salt knows the story of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining - a strict departure from the Stephen King novel - so there is no need wasting time with a synopsis.  This original trailer is making the rounds on the web, and shows off the intense minimalism and power of Kubrick's vision.  It still blows my mind that, in order for Kubrick to get this trailer past censors, he told the ratings board the blood spilling from the open elevator was rusty water.  And they bought it!