Monday, March 3, 2014

Scatter Shooting on the 86th Oscars

* First and foremost, congratulations to Matthew McConaughey.  I have known personally, ever since A Time to Kill, that McConaughey had the power to be one of our most captivating and skilled actors.  I'm glad he finally put his mind to doing that very thing, and his win last night capped off not only a stellar 2013, but a resurgence almost three years in the making.  And judging by his upcoming projects, including Christopher Nolan's Interstellar later this year, McConaughey isn't slowing down yet.

* All of the actors who won last night were well deserved, and really the only surprise of the evening was a minor one when Spike Jonze won Best Original Screenplay for her.  It was a surprise, but not a shocking twist by any means.

* The telecast didn't seem to go as long as it did.  Some years it drags on forever (Franco/Hathaway…)

* I did think the Wizard of Oz tribute was a little ill fitting and unnecessary.

* Ellen DeGeneres is a perfect fit to host the Oscars.  Her humor is safe but intelligent and dry, her presence calming.  Her opening monologue was brief - a smart move - and the pizza bit and the selfie heard round the world were two great moments.

* Ellen did seem to be waiting on material at times, and what was she doing with that guitar coming out of the commercial break?

* How did the In Memoriam segment leave off the late, great Dennis Farina?  What a misstep.

* I loved the genuine excitement from Steve McQueen in the end.

* I don't know what went wrong with Kim Novak, but I do know that she has battled personal image issues for most of her life.  I also know the social media response was hateful and ugly.

* All in all, The Oscars this year were even and safe.

* 2013 was a fantastic year for films, the best since 2007.  Let's see if 2014 can even try and come close to the same quality.